Thermal Cataplasm – Hyper thermal water of Abano – Italy

Hyperthermal mud: selected clay in hyperthermal water.

The ions and trace elements make it ideal for re- generating and bio- stimulating treatments for the skin, and as enhancer guaranteing efficient trans- dermal passage of active elements.

The mineral part is mostly composed of silica-alluminate-clay.

The fundamental characteristics of this type of clay is the chrystallised composition of micro-layers that donates to the clay it’s tissotropic and visco- elastic properties, the most interresting is the ability to absorb liquids up to 50 times it’s own weight.

Direct function of the micro- layered structure of the clay is that it exposes a big surface inbetween the micro- lay­ eres where the alluminium, iron and magnesium, present in molecular structure, produce the effects of ionic at­ traction. This gives the clay it’s incredible absorbing and expelling properties.

An example of the use of clay in therapy is the applica­ tion of clay in treatmens for local articulary edema

The above mentioned quality of absorbing water and organic or non organic ions are influenced by the ionic force and pH of the « field » where they operate at the moment. Therefor variations in pH and enviroment are able to produce variations in micro- structure, at high pH (> 7 -8,0) takes place the expelling of organic and non organic ions and low pH (< 6-5) absorbing.

Using this characteristics of micro- layered clay selecting needed relations between silica-alluminate-clay and pH of reaction, it was possible to realise comlex of silica-alluminate micro- layers, charged with organic ions of specific action and trace- elements of hyperthermal water.

skins pH=S-6

The expelled active and trace elements are deposited onto the skin and absorbed

Once applied, at the contact of the skin and the product, thanks to the ionic difference and acid pH of the skin (5,5-6.0) a progressive release of hyperthermal trace elements and active elements starts taking place. At the same time,absorbing water from the upper layeres of the skin, it helps the swelling, « forcing » the drainage and the
retention of excess liquids in the skin, that is known to be the first stage of cellulite.

The expelling properties of the mineral hyperthermal cataplasm summ up to draining, lipolitic, normalising and energising the metabolism.

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