Test effectiveness of Thermal Slim Bio Mud from Abano

More than 2.5 million people each year go in cure in one of the spas in Europe, including the Terme of Abano, located 40 minutes from Venice in Italy, become the global benchmark for Spa its healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the hyperthermal water.

Thermal Laboratory of Abano Terme offers to extend your treatment at home.

Thermal Laboratory of Abano Terme offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments, and cosmetics based on hyperthermal water, the thermal slimming bio mud that you will find below the result of efficiencies tests after 60 days of use, with 20 womens volunteers aged over 18 years.

Composition of (FANGO) slimming mud THERMAL SLIM :

Sludge Euganean Spas are made of clay (solid part) and microbiological components dissolved in water salt-bromine-iodic Li-rich.
This product results from a 60-day maturation process, which occurs in special tanks in permanent contact with hyperthermal water.
This completely natural process leads to the development of micro – algae, with the components physico – chemical, give its therapeutic mud characteristics.

The Fango is the most used in the fight against orange peel product.

It represents the « shock therapy » for excellence against the retention of water from sludge mixtures.

• The mud of Abano is processed according to specific procedures to preserve intact its properties.
Besides the mud has great power firming thanks mainly to its clay, including its minerals absorb water tissue, which gives immediate results, particularly evident.

Hyperthermal slimming mud is a real beauty treatment:

• The slimming mud is a reducing treatment that can act drastically on the orange peel.

What are the effects of slimming mud based hyper thermal water ?

From the first application you will notice immediately firmer epidermal improvements, smoother and LOSS OF 1 TO 2 CENTIMETER on hips and belly.

The constant application (three times the first week and twice in the second week) ensures the loss of centimeters and the significant reduction of « orange peel ».

The slimming active in the formulation significantly increases the disintegration of localized fat alternative to the phenomena of « cellulite – orange peel ».

The in vivo efficacy of thinning of hyperthermal slimming mud complex is demonstrated by a study of a period of two months where 20 volunteers were involved women, the physically and over the age of 18 years.

With the help of ultrasound images and cutaneous profilometry during the 30 days of the trial volunteers were monitored conditions following the application.
The results indicate a REDUCTION 30% on average in the appearance of roughness to « orange peel » typical of cellulite.

When observing, note the symmetrical increase in election areas of subcutaneous fat; if the increase is substantial, it will be seen the deformation of the body line.

At a closer, and with appropriate lighting observation, we notice that the skin surface is wavy, gravel or padded.

A high-resolution camera can visualize abnormal capillary-venular permeability, ectasia and circulatory stasis.

The second stage is characterized by a very pale skin, hypothermic, a strong decrease in elasticity and pliability of a corresponding increase; microcirculation is disordered, it presents microhemorrhages and veno-venous ectasia.

The third stage, more severe compared to the first two, since it features microaneurismes, the broadcast microhemorrhages and veinulo-venous dilatation, is also the most disturbing aesthetically.

In this case, the compression between the two hands (pinch test) of election areas of cellulite, skin can appear introflexions or, more accurately, the protrusion of the lobules to the surface, causing the the emergence of a « mattress phenomenon » (mattress phenomenon) non-pathological; the low elasticity determines flaccid skin areas which, if palpated, give a slight feeling of grittiness in the deeper layers.

Finally, the fourth stage present circulatory disorders (stasis, capillary hypovolemia and hypoxydose telangiectasia, and microvaricosité veinulo-venous dilatation associated with arteriosclerosis and local regulatory deficit microcirculatory flow) and painful nodules to the touch target. The pinch test is positive: in fact, in this case the skin is corrugated or « padded », pale and hypothermic by areas, very flaccid and increased pliability.

RESULT slimming mud hyper Thermal after 60 days:

After 60 days of treatment, there was an improvement in the structure of hair and a decrease in hematic effusion due to microhemorrhages.

After 60 days of treatment, there was an improvement in the structure of hair and a decrease in hematic effusion due to microhemorrhages

How to use the slimming mud hyper THERMAL ?

Warm the pot in boiling water to facilitate the application and allow the opening of the pores of the skin.
Spread generously cellulite mud on affected areas (thighs, hips, stomach and buttocks) and massage lightly. Wrap in cellophane and leave for 45 minutes. Rinse with cool water

Anti-cellulite gestures when applying sludge These gestures act as a drainage which reduces the water retention and helps to eliminate toxins.

Massaging the legs from the bottom upwards, applying slight pressure to stimulate the venous return

Massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction of a clock with the palm of the hand, practicing vigorous circular motion to tone the buttocks and hips and drain areas with cellulite massage with alternating movements of type « feel » to another Type « Circular ».
This melts the fat destroying fat cells.

Pinch the skin between thumb and forefinger and turn under the fingers going up until thighs hips.


After 60 days

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