Rational bases for new THERMAL BIO-COSMETICS

The therapeutic and cosmetic effects of hyperthermal water and mud were known already since ancient times. A great testimony to that is the classical period, during which the waters of Abano were used not only hygiene but also for beauty treatments. 

 The efficiency of the treatments is determined by the contact of the skin with the thermal product (water or mud), that influences the skins ability to absorb,inducing modifications in virtu of « gradient functions » connected to skin’s pH and elctrolide composition. In this prospective the thermal product acts as a natural enhancer and as such determines positive modification on the hydration of the skin and lipidic turn over process, proceeding to an overall biological stimulation. This stimulation is mostly connected to the presence of trace- elements essencial to the integrity of the skin’s structure and function. The action of the trace-elements take place on the level of metabolism of the cell, and is well documented especially in the cases of Zn, Mn, Se,Cu and Si. 

 The bio- stimulation of thermal trace- elements summs up to its effects on immune system that some authors have shown to be connected to the supession of citochine production by Langerhans cells. Thermal trace- elements are the true biological catalysts because of their intervention in enzymatic reactions, in particular the SOD (superossido dismutasi) and the glutation perossidasi of anti- radical action, not to mention their ability to augment and synergise the effect of active elements of specific cosmetic function. 

 All this represents new fronts in the development of modern functional cosmetics aimed at treating skin’s problems and their aesthetical effects.

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