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ARTICULATIONS are the union point between the bones and allow us to move, the MUSCLES are bound to the bones through ligaments.
ARTICULAR or MUSCULAR PAIN originates mainly from inflammation phenomena, wear or tissue trauma related to several causes with ACUITY or CHRONICITY characteristics and represents a problem which may become a true “social phenomenon”, rather than individual, and may be part of the temporary or permanent labour “incapacity”. Pain is a signal which travels from the affected organ to the C.N.S. (Central Nervous System), where it is assessed and where an adequate response is formulated and issued. It may be classified in various ways, from a temporal point of view or in relation to its pathogenesis. The pain can be acute or chronic.

The nociceptor is an amielinic termination of the sensorial neurons which signals a tissue damage to the CNS. The synapsis is the contact point between the neurons. The harmful stimulus represents an offense caused to the tissue, able to cause cell destruction and consequently to release biochemical substances which activate specific receivers sensitive to warmth, cold, to the mechanical stimuli or chemical mediators.

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