Light serum with Hyperthermal Water – Brightening and Smoothing


Skin BRIGHTENING & Smoothes and softens

Skin care Anti-Aging line, made with Hyperthermal water of Abano Terme

The most advanced skincare for a flawless complexion that glows with a youthful radiance. Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and helps prevent their reappearance. Helps firm facial features, smoothes away fine lines. Illuminates the complexion, restores healthy-looking glow to skin, while providing multiple anti-aging benefits.

The combination with hyperthermal water increases product safety and effectiveness.


Massage a thin layer over face, after daily evening cleansing and toning.

Recommended :

Suitable for all ages to brighten and smooth dull and blemished complexions . As well as brightening the skin, it stimulates cell turnover, even helping to reduce, over time, small scars.

Contains :

The actions of the active principles refer to the technical and bibliographic knowledge of each principle

HYPERTHERMAL WATER OF ABANO TERME : Unique for quantitative composition of macro and micro elements, flows at 87 ° with a dry residue of about 6 grams per liter. Rich in natural mineral nutrients and perfectly balanced biogenic and biocompatible substances, it rightly becomes a unique and effective active ingredient which protects, remineralises, soothes and restores the skin’s natural defenses. Because of these features, the Hyperthermal water of Abano Terme is an authentically unique « active complex ».

OLIGOPEPTIDE-34 OR PEPTIDE CG-TGP2 : sophisticated, pure and stable biomimetic peptide. Decreases melanin synthesis through TRP-1, TRP-2, MITF and Tyrosine regulation. Blocks the transfer of melanosome from melanocyte to keratinocyte.It also has an anti-inflammatory effect due to type TH1 pro-inflammatory cytokines « down regulation ».

AQUA, ALCOHOL, CAPRYLIC / CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII, SQUALANE, CERAMIDE 3 : Active ingredient developed for the physiological needs of dry and sensitive skin. It mainly consists of a lamellar structure, based on combined membrane lipids. Formulated to support the skin’s lipid layer’s protective function, thus improving the skin’s health.

LACTOBIONIC ACID : highly moisturising with antioxidant qualities.Effectively evens keratinisation by stimulating cell turnover. Helps with skin lightening, an anti-ageing action increasing skin density, it reduces photoageing induced dark spots. Non irritating and also suitable for sensitive skin.

ASCORBYL GLUCOSIDE The most stable form of ascorbic acid.With antioxidant and anti-radical activities, it increases collagen production, has lightening and brightening properties (inhibits melanin synthesis), reduces expression lines and wrinkles, protects from the sun, repairs sun radiation damage , prevents the appearance of acne.

KOJIC ACID : Depigmenting, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal action.

MANDELIC ACID : Excellent Exfoliating scrub, effective without causing burning or redness. Especially active in repairing and reactivating ageing skin, not photo-sensitizing.

GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID : Active principle which specifically targets inflammation and scarring

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