Isotonic Hyperthermal Water | Nasal Cleaning | Single-dose vials 5ml

Hyperthermal Water of the B.T.E. Bacino Termale Euganeo.

Characteristics :

According to MAROTTA SICA medical classification, Hyperthermal Water from B.T.E. Euganean hills thermal district is defined as:
SALSO-BROMO-IODIC: rich in bio-stimulating trace elements, repairing, lenitive and anti-radical.
HYPERTHERMAL: the classification considers the high temperature at the mouth of the well, about 86.5°C and the abundant residue at 180°C (6 g / L approx).
And rich in many other trace elements bio-stimulating action, repairing, soothing and anti-radical. These molecules act as biological activators are essential to the biochemical processes of living matter, or trigger chemical reactions and metabolic disorders.
RADIOACTIVE: it contains a biocompatible quantity of Radon gas that, in combination with trace elements, stimulates a beneficial action on the mucous membranes.
These features, supported by academic research, make it unique among thermal waters and represent a really unique and effective biochemical system.

Active principles and action :

The actions of the various ingredients are related to bibliographic and technical knowledge.
The richness and variety of dissolved substances makes it efficacious in reducing upper respiratory tract disorders.
Thermal treatments dedicated to ENT district help to combat and reduce the occurrence of these problems physiologically.

• stimulation of the ciliary fluid secretion
• normalization of respiratory mucus
• elimination of nasal secretions
• protection from nasal mucosa irritation produced by pollution
• nasal decongestion

Thermalis® Isotonic Hyperthermal Water Nasal Cleaning has not undergone any chemical treatment.
The product has no pharmacological nor metabolic action and it is natural and physiological.
No preservative.

Composition :

Hyperthermal water of the Euganean Thermal Basin.
Active ingredients
Macroelements, Microelements.

Mode of action :

Antiseptic: due to water hypertonia, antiseptic properties and natural the soothing action of some trace elements (iron and copper).

Soothing: general and local stimulation of regenerative processes, wound healing tissue (manganese, zinc and selenium that reduce the mucous membranes congestion).

Anti-edema action: his effect is particularly evident at the level of the mucous membranes and is due to the osmotic power.
The richness of the water generates a current of fluids from the deep layers of the mucosa outwards, able to convey and remove elements corpuscola (microorganisms, pollutants, etc..) and products of inflammation (catabolites and enzymes).
Immune system stimulation: this salso-bromo-iodic water stimulates the mononuclear phagocyte system and the production of secretory immunoglobulin.
This action was also seen in exudative diathesis – catarrhal where much of the pathogenesis seems to lie in the lack of response of organic mechanisms.
This effect is due to the properties of water and hypertonia of the halogens such as chlorine, bromine and iodine to enhance even hundreds of times the action of some lysosomal lytic enzymes (vesicles that engulf pathogens that attack the cell and that, thanks a complex mechanism, they get the simpler molecules functional again).

Action of some trace elements combined in the Hyperthermal Water
Sodium chloride (together with bicarbonate predominates in plasma and extracellular fluid) contributes to the maintenance of osmotic pressure and of acid-base balance;
SODIUM influences the excitability of the muscle capillary permeability;
the BROMINE has a CNS sedative effects, slightly analgesic and induces a decrease in the excitability of cerebral cortex motor centers preventing the spread of the nervous stimulus;
the IODINE plays a typical revulsive and antiseptic action on the skin and mucous membranes, stimulating the parts (especially the purine) and acts favorably in chronic inflammatory states.
No less noteworthy is the complex ions Mg, Ca and Fe functions eutrophic and edematous.

Package :
Blister 15 vials 5 ml each. resealables.

Additional information :

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How to use ?
The nasal wash can be done easily and safely via aerosol or manual application.

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