Hyperthermal water spray | Moisturizing | Soothing effect from 30 seconds

Naturally active for your skin & 100% natural !

Abano Terme Hyperthermal water mist provides an instantly soft, refreshing and soothing sensation for the face and body.
Rich in essential trace elements, it protects,soothes, remineralises and re-establishes the skin’s natural defences.
It is ideal for calming hypersensitive and dehydrated skin, and relieves sunburn as well as other types of redness.

A naturally active Hyperthermal water with a mineral composition and a unique balance of 6 g / liter.

Abano Terme Hyperthermal Water has a 7.1 pH, i.e. it has a perfect H30+ ion balance. It is therefore neutral for the skin respecting its balance.
This is what we call the physiological pH.

Efficiency test : in vivo efficacy test proves its soothing effect from 30 seconds after application

Hyperthermal spring water is effective for : Refreshing, after cleansing, after sun, diaper rash, after shaving, allergic reaction, itching…

Packing : spray 200 ml (No gas spray)

Thermal Laboratory – Hyperthermal Water
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