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Hyperthermal Water, a unique composition in the world

Abano Terme® cosmetic and Thermalis medical products range are unique and exclusive, as all our products are made with Hyperthermal salso-bromo-iodic water of Abano Terme.
The water from Euganean hills penetrates on Piccole Dolomiti (Monti Lessini) as far as 3 to 4km deep. During 25-30 years, it deeply circulates at about 170°C temperature and accumulates essential minerals (around 5-6g/L). It emerges and surfaces in springs at 87°C, that is why the water from Abano Terme is hyperthermal.

Hyperthermal water of Abano Terme is very rich in essential minerals and its composition is unique.

Hyperthermal water of Abano Terme is a real  « active cocktail » for the skin, thanks to its stimulating and protective effect.
It hydrates and protects the skin.

As we know, water is an excellent vehicle for the delivery of minerals.
Whether a little or water is highly mineralized, we must look at his dry residue.

This indicator gives the mineral content collected after evaporation of 1 Liter of water subjected to 180 ° C.

  • If the mineral content is greater than 1500 mg / L, the water is called rich in minerals (calcium, magnesium and / or sodium).
  • If it is between 500 and 1500 mg / L, there is no specific designation, the water is moderately mineralized.
  • If it is less than 500 mg / L, a slightly mineralized water.

Hyperthermal water of Abano terme have dry residue approximately : 5,050 grams of dissolved salts per liter of water at 180°C.

That’s why we can say that the Hyperthermal water of Abano Terme is one of the richest waters of minerals in the world.

Hyperthermal water analysis – Average values:

Temperature : 75°C – 87°C

  • PH: 7,1
  • Residue at 180°C: 5,050 g/l
  • Sodium ions: 1,239 g/l
  • Potassium ions: 0,088 g/l
  • Calcium ions: 0,366 g/l
  • Magnesium ions: 0,080 g/l
  • Ammonium ions: 0,0027 g/l
  • Nitrite ions: absent
  • Nitrate ions: absent
  • Sulphate ions: 0,980 g/l
  • Chloride ions: 2,176 g/l
  • Bicarbonate ions: 0,169 g/l
  • Bromide ions: 13,6 mg/l
  • Iodide ions: 0,82 g/l
  • Sulphuric acid: 1,67 mg/l
  • Silica: 0,051 g
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