Hyperthermal Slimming Mud and Cream – Draining and Reducing

Thermal Slim® : Body treatment for thighs, hips and abdomen with hyper-thermal water of Abano Terme and patented reducing active agent REGU®SLIM.


The Euganean Thermal Basin, very renowned former district in the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park, considered as the oldest spa in Europe, has always been known as a place of water care and well-being.

Fango from ABANO is a combination of clay which is carefully harvested from the bottom of two thermal lakes situated in the Euganean Hills and vitalizing hyperthermal water.

Fango’s formula is rich in specific and natural elements that actively protect capillaries, promote circulation and fluid loss and boost tissues metabolic activity.

This product is an exclusive mix of three efficient and precious components:


The water of Abano Terme is defined “Salty Brome Iodized Water” for the characteristics that make Hyper Thermal water of Abano Terme unique in the world of thermal waters Rich in trace elements essential for the maintenance of structural and functional integrity of our skin, Hyper Thermal water becomes essential as a catalyzer of cellular reactions due to its effect of augmenting the activity of enzymes, in particular way the SOD (superossido dismutasi) and glutathione peroxidase of anti- radical action.

The important anti- inflammatory effect of Hyper-Thermal water is particularly useful in all treatments against the unaesthetic effects of cellulite, where the adipose tissue presents any fazes of phlogosis – from first stages to the chronic stages of final fibrosis.
Thanks to high concentration of salts, this water “recalls” excess liquids from adipose tissue, that tends to accumulate in intracellular spaces due to poor micro-circulation of the tissue, which helps to regain the correct flow of liquids and lymph
helping to oxygenate affected tissue.
Iodine present in water helps to “burn” fat in the specific zone of thighs, hips and abdomen.


A special clay with elevated absorption power due to the dimension of colloidal particles which it is composed of.

After being in compact with Hyperthermal Water for a prolonged time takes in all its chemical and physical properties.
This clay suspension in Hyperthermal Water vants high draining properties, helping to reduce excess water and toxins favoring blood circulation and used correctly has great visible results on unaesthetics of cellulite.


Multifunctional complex with slimming, draining, reducing, modelling and smoothing effect.
Accelerates natural process of subcutaneous fat reduction making the skin look toned and smooth.


A laboratory study on human adipose tissue has proved that active principal elements contained in REGU®SLIM significantly increase following effects on localized adipose tissue associated with cellulite (all documented in a scientific dossier of the complex REGU®SLIM):
Lipolytic on adipocits (REDUCING), elimination and decomposing effect of fatty acids formed during lipolysis (DRAINING) and finally elimination of fatty acids that form adipose layer.


The efficiency of REGU®SLIM was demonstrated in a study conducted on 20 voluntary women, physically healthy and over 18 years old.
Using ultrasound images and skins tissue profilometry analysis, the effects of REGU®SLIM were monitored and documented for
56 days, during this period a product containing the active complex was applied twice a day.
The results have shown that REGU®SLIM active complex helped to reduce by 30% in medium the “orange peel” skin aspect of cellulitic stages and of adipose layer in general.

Important characteristics of THERMAL SLIM® treatment:

• Visible results without dietary sacrifices
• Extremely simple to use
• Requires only 30 minutes per application
• Can be comfortably done at home as in a SPA

How to use THERMAL SLIM®:

• Apply the mud with your hand lightly massaging in circular motion, to favor draining effect and elimination of excess liquids.
• Cover the treated area with a towel inclused in the box.
• Leave on for 20 minutes
• Rinse off under the shower, alternate warm and cold water for a toning effect
• After drying your skin apply Thermal Slim cream and massage untili t is completely absorbed

Your skin will look tighter, smoother and visibly more toned
We advise to use thermal mud application 2 or 3 times per week, while the cream has to be applied twice a day- mornings and evenings, as a replacement for your usual moisturizing body cream after shower.

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