Hyper-Thermal Water and Bio clay of Abano Montegrotto – Vidéo

In this video below, Fabrizio Caldara Dr. in biotechnology and director of the Scientific Research Center Pietro d’Abano, explain :
– The history of Abano Terme, and also, Hyperthermal water and clay.
– The properties of the clay and water hyperthermal

As we know, water is an excellent vehicle for the delivery of minerals.
Whether a little or water is highly mineralized, we must look at his dry residue. This indicator gives the mineral content collected after evaporation of 1 Liter of water subjected to 180 ° C.

If the mineral content is greater than 1500 mg / L, the water is called rich in minerals (calcium, magnesium and / or sodium).
If it is between 500 and 1500 mg / L, there is no specific designation, the water is moderately mineralized.
If it is less than 500 mg / L, a slightly mineralized water.

Hyperthermal water of Abano terme have dry residue approximately : 5,050 grams of dissolved salts per liter of water at 180°C.

That’s why we can say that the hyperthermal water of Abano term is one of the richest waters of minerals in the world.

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