Hyper-Thermal BIOMUD – Natural anti-inflammatory – Medical Device

BIOFANGO :  MEDICAL DEVICE based on Hyperthermal Water of the B.T.E. Bacino Termale Euganeo® (Euganean hills thermal area)

Notoriously Salso-Bromo-Iodic mud originating in the Euganean Thermal District have significant anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifying, analgesic, relaxing and revitalizing. Activating blood circulation helps a regenerating effect on both joint movements, the connective tissue and nerve endings.

Features :

Thermalis conceived the Hyperthermal Bio Mud as the result of a scientific research aimed to maximize its effectiveness.

Indications :

Indications refer to the technical and bibliographic knowledge.
The HOT applications of this MEDICAL DEVICE are well known and documented by tests and an extensive bibliography.
They are useful in the treatment of joint disease in the painful events of the column , muscle spasms, rheumatism.
The application of heat causes an increase in blood circulation, dilating the blood vessels bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues (tensioned and cramp suffering muscles are relaxed) as well as stimulate the production of endorphins, which provide a natural feel of health.
The passage of the active water through the integument ensures the maintenance of two energy balances: the electrical thermal, and metabolic activity produces an increase in the ability of convection and thermal conduction.
The COLD application of this MEDICAL DEVICE has powerful analgesic effect, anesthesia of the temporary part subjected to the treatment (muscle, tendon or articulation) a reduction of edema and consequently a considerable reduction of the inflammatory state.
The application of cold mud is used in all forms of inflammations as sports injuries, and in presence of hematomas.
The product has not undergone any chemical treatment.
The product has no pharmacological nor metabolic action and it is natural and physiological.
No preservative.

Composition :

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Hyperthermal Water, Algae Extract.

Active ingredients

1. SELECTED lamellar clays

2. B.T.E. Hyperthermal Water rich in trace elements, essential adjuvants in treatment of musculoskeletal pain, inflammation and edema also in the post-operative.
For example the MANGANESE and COBALT constitute the basic treatment for attributable to a diathesis dystonic (or neuroartritica) neurodegenerative diseases; calcium with silicon manage the development and maintenance of bones.
MANGANESE with the copper and cobalt are a valid help in cases of osteoarthritis and hyperlaxity; iodine favors the deposition of ionized calcium in the bone matrix; Zinc is necessary for the formation of bones and muscles.

The Hyperthermal Bio Mud is an adjuvant for many treatments in Physiatric treatments and with the possibility of cold or hot use makes it useful for different specific applications in the therapy.
Your doctor may prescription white.
The package is designed for use on even self-confined areas.
Dermatologically tested, is formulated to minimize the risk of sensitization.

Mode of action :
Heat capacity or heat retention index: is a property possessed as a function of power accumulation and inhibit the dispersion of heat.
Plasticity: malleability degree of the mud and its ability to be shaped and then to adhere to the body surface and is directly
proportional to its ability to retain water while maintaining the consistency required for the application.
Power absorption and ion exchange: the presence of lamellar clays in Bio Mud causes the ions, the water and the organic and inorganic substances with polar charge is confined in the interstices between crystals of clay and allows the exchange between the solid component and mineral water. This process is reversible, to whose cations and anions are exchanged between the two phases (solid and liquid) and between the mud and the skin.

Package :

Resealable bag of 400 ml. / 500 gr.

Additional information :

Our products are in 5 languages: Italian, French, English, German, Spanish.

How to use ?
Open the envelope and spread the mud with a thickness equal to 1 cm. directly on the area to be treated, avoiding contact with metal objects.
Leave for 40 min and rinse.

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