Definition of Thermalism

Thermalism is a natural therapy that, since ancient times, uses only the different components of mineral spring water. Numerous types of treatment are practiced with mineral spring waters: showers, baths, mud baths, physiotherapy, insufflations, vaporizations, inhalations.

Unlike thalassotherapy, thermalism is a scientifically proven therapy and is recognized by the World Health Organization and by the Italian National Health Service. Natural, harmless and without side effects, “spa” treatments (where SPA is the acronym of “Salus Per Aquam”) are suitable for everyone, without distinction of age. Abano Terme is considered to be the most important and oldest spa in Europe.

It has always been known as a health resort. Its origins are very ancient: already in the Xth century. B.C. the Euganei and in the VIII sec.

The Paleovenetians immersed themselves in the lake and in the ponds of the Aponian spring waters. They had the « counter-proof » of the sanctification sacredness of the thermal waters of the god Apono (« that takes away the pain ») as these healed them from many diseases. And the current toponym of « Abano » derives from « Apono ».

Nowadays, prestigious universities have scientifically validated what has been known empirically for millennia: the Hyperthermal Water of Abano Terme has undoubted therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Hyperthermal salso-bromo-iodic water of Abano Terme is mainly used in skin-care formulations, mud therapy, balneotherapy, inhalations and irrigations. Hyperthermal salso-bromo-iodic water is also suitable for the treatment of inflammations as well as for an overall enhancement of the immune system, made possible by the effects of bromine and iodine on some enzymes responsible for the defence of human organism.

Thanks to its versatility, salso-bromo-iodic water is used to soothe musculoskeletal disorders, traumatic muscle injuries and chronic arthropathies. Finally, these treatments positively affect mucous membranes and have beneficial effects on the female genital system.

The lack of essential minerals in the skin can be linked to skin conditions such as premature senescence, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. They are considered fundamental for the well-being of the skin, but this is the last organ of the organism to which the trace elements are distributed through the bloodstream, and this is the reason why it is so important to integrate these elements through topical application.

Native Hyperthermal Water Salso-Bromo-iodic of Abano Terme in cosmetic or topical formulas makes its ingredients more bioavailable in the skin, as there is an improvement in the concentration gradient and, by osmosis, a better skin absorption.

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