Cold and warm mud application: Thermalis Biofango

hermalis Medical Device – BIO MUD – Cold application instructions :

The cold application of this medical device provides a powerful analgesic effect, a temporary anesthesia of the part subject to treatment (muscle, tendon or articulation) and consequently a remarkable reduction of the inflammatory condition.
The efficacy depends on how quickly the thermal effect is introduced in the area subject to the treatment, and is related to several factors: method and duration of application, initial temperature and time of permanence in the skin, depth of the subcutaneous fat.
The longer the application period, the deeper it acts: in the muscle, the temperature may be reduced up to four centimetres deep, as the muscle is a tissue which contains water and therefore becomes an excellent conductor of cold; on the other hand, fat is hydrophobic.

Clinical recommendations :
The elective applications of this medical device are the pathologies of the muscle-tendon complex, namely in the direct or indirect trauma caused in sports practice (RICE protocol):
in the acute phase, hypothermia is employed due to its antimetabolic, algosedative and antispasmodic properties, while in exacerbations of chronic inflammatory articulations, muscle and tendon, it provides good results regarding the anti-inflammatory, anesthetics and muscle relaxant effects.
In acute trauma, the treatment is advised from the first day and during two weeks.

Instructions :
Place the packet in the refrigerator at least three hours before application. Open the packet and
place the mud around 1,5cm thick on gauze or directly on the area to be treated; do not use metallic objects.
Leave it on for at least one hour.

Thermalis Medical Device – BIO MUD hot application: instructions :

Thermotherapy, according to the recommendations of the Doctor or the Therapist, is commonly used for the treatment of pain and muscular stiffness, relieving muscular contractions and favouring freedom of movement.
The heat causes an increase of the circulation flow through the dilation of blood vessels with a consequent intake of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue (the tight muscles affected by a cramp tend to relax) in addition to stimulating the production of endorphins which cause a natural feeling of wellbeing.
The active passage of H2O (water) through the integument ensures the maintenance of two energetic balances:
the electrical and the thermal, while the metabolic activity produces an increase of the convection capacity and thermal conduction.
It is advised not to use the warm product over inflamed areas.

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