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What are anti-aging products in our hyperthermal water range Abano Terme ?

– Intensive lifting bio- serum

– Hyperthermal mud

– Anti- wrinkle bio-cream

– Polyfunctional bio- mask

How to use our products ?

FAZE 1 :  Stimulate the skin by light pinching movements and generously apply INTENSIVE LIFTING BIO- SERUM, that with it’s high concentration of specific active principals is suitable for mature skin. Phospho- lipidic matrix favours the transition of active principals to the cellular membrane.

FAZE 2 : To stimulate the blood flow massage with light tapping or fan movements. – Place the HYPERTHERMAL MUD into a ceramic bowl and apply a uniform layer to face, neck and decolte using a soft brush. – HYPERTHERMAL MUD FOR THE FACE is a clay cataplasm suspended in hyperthermal water. Mineral ions and trace- elements make it perfect for revitalizing treatments where it acts as a thermal enhancer for various types of treatments. It is easily absorbed by deep skin layers transporting firstly hyperthermal water and it’s ingredients and therefore “dragging along” active principals of serum used under the mask. Clay has a purifying property and absorbs toxins. – Wait for 2- 3 minutes until the fluids are slightly evaporated and active principals are concentrated close to the skin and place on top a mask soaked in hyperthermal water. Leave on for 15 minutes. – Remove with wet sponges or towels.

FAZE 3 : Proceed with a stimulating massage using an ANTI- WRINKLE BIO- CREAM rich in hyperthermal water, vitamins and precious oils. It is a light emulsion of easy absorption that is capable of transporting active principals to the deeper layers of the skin.

FAZE 4 : Complete the treatments with POLYFUNCTIONAL BIO- MASK Innovative concept of the mask studied for professional use. Based on natural components rich regenerating, calming, moisturizing elements that stimulate cellular renew and fight against aggressive free radicals. Leave on for 15 minutes. – Can be used with different INTENSIVE BIO-SERUMS to obtain a specific effect.


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