Al-chimie cream : Hydration Day, Anti-age spot Night | Hyperthermal water

Al-chimie products are characterized by rich and silky texture, elegant and sensual perfume, precious and innovating active ingredients.

Perfection of a beautiful skin is no longer a dream.
Al-chimie is texture, perfume and comfort for a polysensorial experience of beauty that gives natural and long lasting results.
Every substance used is studied to give spectacular results: regenerating, toning, moisturizing and anti-radical. Absence of useless or potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, chemical shields, alcohol, petroleum derivate, coloring agents, as well as molecules of animal origin, make it a safe and a “pro-life” tool to reach skin perfection.

Rapid absorption of active ingredients working in perfect synergy makes it possible to achieve luminous, silky, toned and younger looking skin from the first use.

Al-chimie – what other name could reflect better our search for eternal youth elixir ?

The purest elements, respect for antique traditions and nature, scientific knowledge,
technological research and innovative ideas have made possible birth of this unique product.
Al-chimie: The First Bio-Thermal Antiaging System ideal also for the most sensitive and delicate skin types.

N°1 – FILLER EFFECT – Molecular Hydration Day Cream

Luscious yet light texture that is easily applied and absorbed leaves skin silky and fresh.
Active ingredients assure an immediate yet natural “lifting” effect. Skin looks younger, softer, visibly more toned and uniform in color.
A perfect base for make-up.

N°2 – 3D EFFECT – Ultra Recovery – Anti-age spot Night Cream

Soft, rich and soothing texture that is easily applied and absorbed with filling, clarifying,
regenerating and anti-age effects.
Active ingredients assure a gradual and constant regenerating effect during the night enhancing a surprising 3D effect.
Skin is visibly more toned and elastic, color is unified and dark spots lightened, small lines are less visible and the contour is redefined.
The Unique ingredient present in the anti-age system – Hyperthermal Water of Abano Terme.


The water of Abano Terme is defined “Salty Brome Iodized Water” for the characteristics that make Hyper Thermal water of Abano Terme unique in the world of thermal waters.
Rich in trace elements essential for the maintenance of structural and functional integrity of our skin, Hyper Thermal water becomes essential as a catalyzer of cellular reactions.
In synergy with Ecocert® approved active ingredients, based on a special technology (biomatrix®) respecting skins physiology hyperthermal water has surprising soothing, antiradical, regenerating effects.
Ideal in cases of dehydration, skins hyper-activity and premature aging.
Helps battle against effects of pollution and UV exposure.


N°1 – FILLER EFFECT – Molecular Hydration Day Cream TRIMOIST™

Trimoist mimics the skin’s strategy to moisturize the skin: Lamellar lipids, a skin-fortifying
Polysaccharide, and Carnosine strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduce
visible signs of skin-aging. The effective moisturizing formula with anti-aging effect firms
dry skin as it rehydrates for greater comfort and improved elasticity. Triggers skin’s ability
to build and hold moisture, and actively strengthens the skin’s support system.
Active factors in Trimoist: The moisture balance system of Trimoist is composed of the
following three factors and supplemented with an anti-aging factor which inhibits the
formation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs).

1. CM Glucan: Protecting film, improves skin elasticity, stimulates self-protecting capacity of the skin.
2. Stearoyl lactylate, Cetyl alcohol, Oleic acid triglyceride, Phytosterols, Vitamin E
Acetate: Form a basic lamellar lipid structure in water and enhance the barrier function of the lamellar lipid layer.
3. Humectants: Bind high levels of water
+ Anti-aging factor (Carnosine) Reacts with reducing sugars and thus inhibits the formation of ages.


The Filling Spheres Ultra™ are the newest essential cosmetic ingredients of the latest generation studied for instant plumping power. These microspheres are based on vegetal polysaccharides, marine collagen or hyaluronic acid, and first penetrate the
upper layers of the epidermis before capturing the water that evaporates naturally, plumping and smoothing the wrinkle from within.
Through the association of low molecular weight konjac glucomannan (> 200 kDa), the star ingredient of the moment, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ( Spheres of the previous generation.


Hyaluronic acid is a molecule present in connective tissue of all species. It is responsible for skins elasticity and resistance, highly moisturizing.


Prevents oxidation of lipids and acts as a biological antioxidant.

Sorbitan olivate has anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, regenerating and reconstructive
properties. Thanks to its special molecular structure is capable of penetrating the deeper
cutaneous layers and works as a carrier. Leaves skin luminous and well hydrated.

N°2 – 3D EFFECT – Ultra Recovery – Anti-age spot Night Cream

MATRIXIL 3000 (Active Peptide Antiaging)
MATRIXIL 3000 – a protein also called “procollagen” is the latest news in the world of biotechnology of proteins and peptides Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR, plays a fundamental role in the reconstruction of the cutaneous tissue, favors higher production
of collagen and glucosaminglicans. Has an important plumping power and 3D effect.
During the night cells absorb active ingredient gradually and the result is a redefined contour and firm and younger looking skin.
Together with NANNOCLHOROPSIS OCULATA assures effective and long lasting effects.


Reduces and prevents lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells. Enhances
tone and nourishes skin that appears smoother, brighter and regains its youthful look.


An active ingredient of immediate tightening and smoothing as well as long term
regenerating and toning effect on skins connective tissue:
a) Forms a tightening micro-film.
b) Enhances type I Collagen production.
Concrete results proved by various tests of efficiency.


Increases skin cells turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together,
allowing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to be sloughed off more quickly to
reveal healthier cells underneath making skin look smoother and more youthful. Softens
the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture, at the same time
lightening areas that have darkened in response to skin damage and sun exposure.


Sorbitan olivate has anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, regenerating and reconstructive
properties. Thanks to its special molecular structure is capable of penetrating the deeper
cutaneous layers and works as a carrier. Leaves skin luminous and well hydrated.


Precious natural substance with moisturizing, nutritive and antiaging properties. Rich in
vitamin E, fatty acids flavonoids and natural anti-oxidants has a highly protective and
anti-radical effect. Effective against cutaneous tissue relaxation.


Soothing, moisturizing scarring substance with antiaging, filming and protective
properties that give tone and elasticity to the skin.

Our advice:

The formulations by APONUS COSMETICS do not contain occlusive agents and
can be combined maintaining their individual peculiarity. For a more powerful antiaging
effect, on a skin that is particularly stressed, dehydrated or relaxed use both creams twice
a day (morning and evening). Between application of Cream nr.1 and Cream nr.2 let
skin breath for 5 minutes.

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