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THERMALIS® s.r.l. is born in Abano Terme (PD), in the centre of the Colli Euganei Natural Park, from a restricted team of young entrepreneurs closely linked to this territory.
In collaboration with professionals with a long and mature experience in the thermal field and with the scientific contribution of qualified university research, Thermalis s.r.l. has brought to life a line of products, unique in their kind, tested and assessed in order to guarantee their efficacy, which are also based in high professionalism and competence.
Among its goals, the scientific research of the company seeks to identify the possible applications of hyperthermal water of the
Euganean Thermal basin, answering the demand for “health and wellbeing” from other market sectors and hence uses one of the
deepest wells in the Euganean territory, with an operation concession for industrial use.

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THERMALIS® s.r.l. wishes to associate science and nature, through a continuous process of research and innovation, in order to grant access to thermal cure to all those who need it and also to those who, for several reasons, are not able to access the thermal area. The company thus intends to improve the quality of life, using sustainable natural methods and products, supported by high level research in the field, focusing on quality and maximizing its efficacy.
All Thermalis medical and cosmetic devices are composed by organic raw material which does not alter the delicate balance between man and nature and are also produced according to the most ecological processes.
The products undergo Nickel and Allergy controls, do not contain colouring, preservatives or chemical emulsifiers, petrolatum, silicon or mineral oils.
The products have an export license issued by the Ministry of Health.
This ethical choice made by Thermalis allows us to protect the environment guaranteeing the origin of the products and their efficacy, expressed in the affinity with the human organism.
Accordingly, the company is against genetic manipulation and demands components from its suppliers which are non-transgenic, non-animal origin and not tested in animals.
The entire production and processing line of the final product is subject to strict control, scrupulously following severe directives from accredited control and certification organisations.

Our Research and Development Division provides creative solutions and manufacturing.
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