The therapeutic properties of radioactive water

At biological level, the radioactive water has different effects according to the minerals it contains.
The oligomineral radioactive water stimulates diuresis while salt-bromine-iodine radioactive water is a great cure against inflammations.

The benefits of radioactivity translate into a higher energy supplied to the tissues such as consequent occurrence of phenomena like excitation and ionization. The radioactivity has an analgesic and soothing effect in the nervous system.

This is due to the increase of the activity of cholinasterases, the enzymes through which it is possible to estimate the hepatic function in nerve transmission, which causes the acetylcholine to inactive more rapidly, (acetylcholine: a molecule which acts as chemical mediator of the transmissions of the nervous system impulses), involving a reduction of the excitability of the nervous system.



The soothing properties of the radioactive water are an advantage for the cure of some neurologic and osteoarthromuscular
pathologies. Following some experiments, it has been possible to verify that the organisms affected by pathologies such as allergic asthma, treated with therapies which use radioactive water, are less prone to risk of anaphylactic shock when compared with organisms treated with non-radioactive water.

It has been scientifically proven that radioactive water has also effects in the female genital apparatus.
Radioactive water has been mainly used in balneotherapy, mud therapy, irrigation, inhalation and hydro massage sessions.

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