Hyper-Thermal Water

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Thermal Laboratory products

Cold and warm mud application: Thermalis instructions

Thermalis Medical Device - BIO MUD - Cold application instructions : The cold application of this medical device provides a powerful analgesic effect, a temporary anesthesia of the part subject to treatment (muscle, tendon or articulation) and consequently a remarkable reduction of the inflammatory condition. The efficacy depends on how quickly the thermal effect is introduced in the area subject to the treatment, and is related to several factors: method and duration of application, Read More

Musculoskeletal pain and traumatic inflammation

ARTICULATIONS are the union point between the bones and allow us to move, the MUSCLES are bound to the bones through ligaments. ARTICULAR or MUSCULAR PAIN originates mainly from inflammation phenomena, wear or tissue trauma related to several causes with ACUITY or CHRONICITY characteristics and represents a problem which may become a true “social phenomenon”, rather than individual, and may be part of the temporary or permanent labour “incapacity”. Pain is a signal which travels from Read More

Why Thermalis products are classified Medical Device class I ?

In the range of Thermalis® products based hyperthermal water of Abano Terme (Salso Bromo Iodic Water), there is four products classified medical device class I. Research and innovation in according to the millenary thermal tradition. Hyperthermal Nasal Spray - Acqua di Abano (isotonic solution - based hyperthermal salsobromoiodic water) : is a medical device class I because of the osmotic process between the nasal mucosa and the hyperthermal water solution, also because of the mechanical Read More

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine – Thermalis – Décembre 2015

This month, the magazine Les Nouvelles Esthétiques promotes the range of Thermalis hyperthermal water products of Abano Terme, Hyperthermal mud BIOFANGO, heating and muscle relaxant cream Physiorex and the hyperthermal nasal spray (see article of December 2015,

The hyperthermal water has a unique composition in the world

Abano Terme® cosmetic and Thermalis medical products range is unique and exclusive, as all our products are made with hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine water of Abano. The water from Euganean hills penetrates on to the Piccole Dolomiti (Monti Lessini) as far as 3 to 4km deep. During 25-30 years, it deeply circulates at about 170°C temperature and accumulates essential minerals (around 5-6g/L). It emerges and surfaces in springs at 87°C, that is why the water from Abano Terme is Read More

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