REGU®-SLIM unique & patented, efficiency of active slimming complex

In our range of skin care Abano Terme made with hyper thermal water, we have two anti-cellulite products containing REGU®SLIM.

– Hyper thermal slimming mud made with hyperthermal water + anti-cellulite cream with REGU®SLIM (click here for more information)
– Anti cellulite cream made with hyperthermal water (click here for more information)

Properties of REGU®-SLIM :
• Triggers fatty acid liberation
• Speeds-up the transport of fatty acids to the cell
mitochondria to be decomposed
• Energizes the fat-liberated tissue cells
REGU®-SLIM is involved in all mechanisms of lipolysis: fatty acid liberation, transport and decomposition.


Function of REGU®-SLIM :
• Smoothes and tightens the skin.
• Optimizes your fitness efforts to reshape your body.
• Restoring its youthful contours.
Cosmetic applications:
• Body contouring products.

Formulations of REGU®-SLIM :
REGU®-SLIM is a granulate which can be processed either cold, being incorporated to the product before homogenisation, or added to the water phase at a temperature lower than 70°C. A
pH value lower than 7 is necessary.

Suggested concentration:
0,5–3% REGU®-SLIM

INCI Name:
Maltodextrin, Caffeine, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract, Carnitine, Cysteic Acid, Pantetheine Sulfonate.

Efficacy Tests:

In vitro tests:
In an in-vitro study on human adipocytes, REGU®-SLIM behaved consistently as a lipolytic compound increasing cAMP concentration and glycerol release.
REGU®-SLIM stimulates the beta-oxidation significantly.

REGU-SLIM Hyperthermal water cream anti cellulite

The fatty acids released by lipolysis activation and transported to the cell mitochondria are oxidised insides the cell.

In vivo test:
The efficacy of REGU®-SLIM was demonstrated in a two months in-vivo study using ultrasound imaging and profilo—metry.
It was performed with 20 healthy female volunteers aged 18 years or more, during 56 days, applying the test cream containing 2% REGU®-SLIM twice a day.
1. REGU®-SLIM reduces orange peel look within 56 days significantly.

anti-cellulite-Efficacy- test-cream

Rz and Ra are parameters measured by profilometry.
2. Measurement of subcutaneous adipose tissue on the thighs by ultra-sound examination also demonstrated that REGU®-SLIM has slimming activities.


Source : DSM Nutritional Products Ltd Branch Pentapharm

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