Hyperthermal Water spray, face and body – 200 ml

The hyperthermal water spray of Abano Terme is perfect for face and body, when alteration to the physiological function of the skin can be seen due to cell oxidation: premature aging, dehydration, skin hyper-reactivity, exposure to U.V. rays, pollution. Hyperthermal water spray protects and reactivates natural defenses, and the effects are re-mineralizing and toning.
Perfect after shaving and exposure to U.V. rays.
The water spray hyper Abano Terme is composed of 100% of hyperthermal water salso-bromo-iodic.
Rich in trace elements in natural bio-stimulant and anti-free radical action to protect and reactivate the natural defenses cutanee, and its composition is unique.
Abano Terme hyperthermal water is a real « active cocktail » for the skin thanks to its
stimulating and protective effect. It hydrates and protects the skin.

Effectiveness tests: in vivo efficacy test proves its soothing effect from 30 seconds after application

How to use: Spray on face and body

Packing : spray 200 ml


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