Chinese people hydrate their skin with hyper thermal water of Abano

Clean skin is an essential step in our daily lives.
City water has become so limestone, that more and more women worldwide have become addicts of water sprays based hyper-thermal waters of Abano.

Get rid of impurities with hyper-thermal water spray from Abano (Italy) !

Within months, the cosmetics market based hyper-thermal water of Abano and Montegrotto exploded in southern of China.
Have certainly overview on the beaches of France during the summer and during periods of hot weather, the French are crazy about that little bomb based hyper thermal waters used to refresh, hydrate the skin of adults and children case of high sun exposure.

Due to the heavy pollution in major cities of China, like Beijing or Shanghai, this bomb hyper-thermal water of Abano pure and 100% natural cosmetic product became the number 1 Chinese women using it as a cleaning solution for the face.

This is the first step in the morning to the Chinese, they are fascinated by this pure and natural form.

How Chinese use the hyper thermal water spray of Abano ?

Each morning a simple enough spray to moisturize and cleanse the face of dirt due to pollution, it can also be used as a facial cleanser before applying makeup.
Leave for 5 minutes, then massage the face to enter the pure and natural ingredients contained in hyper-thermal water of Abano spray.

During the day, when the Chinese women are in contact with the outside pollution, hyper-thermal water spray of Abano is used with cotton to clean and detoxify the skin to protect the skin from harm pollution.


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