Baby spray – Hyperthermal water – Soothes from the first application

Many factors attack the skin of newborns every day, promoting redness and irritation of the skin. If we do not act promptly and correctly it can degenerate into dermatitis. In addition to the daily irritations caused by friction, heating, cold, humidity, sweating or the use of some potentially aggressive products (fabric softeners, detergents, baby lotions, perfumed milks, soaps, wipes), the diaper is a very important factor.
The presence of urine combined with the lack of aeration due to the diaper causes a lowering of the pH of the skin, which is naturally more easily exposed to bacteria attacks.

The maceration of these substances, in close contact with the skin of the baby, is the first of the factors that trigger dermatitis. A decisive action against diaper rash is the key.
The Hyperthermal Salt-Bromine-Iodic Thermalis’ Water is a valuable aid because it is rich in Oligoelements (fixed residue is 6gr./lt.) with important functions:

• I – (iodine) antiedematous – antiseptic
• Br – (bromine) calming – antiseptic
• F – (fluorine) antiseptic
• Mg + (magnesium) cellular pH controller, keeps high the cells‘ potassium concentration, anti-allergic and moisturizing
• P + (potassium) antiedematous
• Fe + (iron) anti-erythematous, astringent, lenitive
• Se+ (selenium) antiradical, antioxidant, lenitive

It is a 100% Natural Spring Water with great soothing power, validated by in vivo tests (its soothing effect already occurs 30 seconds after application).

Thermalis’ Hyperthermal Water has a basic pH that helps to rebalance the irritated skin, it is useful to mineralize the skin, promote cell turnover, soothe, moisturize, protect and have an antiseptic effect.

Ingredients: Hyperthermal Salt-Bromine-Iodic Water, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

Packaging: Spray is available in 100 ml and 250 ml PET nebulizer bottles.

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